Program Recap: Jews in Colonial New York with Fraunces Tavern Museum

January 5, 2023
by Rebeca Miller

On May 6th 2022 AJHS Chief of Collections Melanie Meyers was joined by Special Programs & Engagement Manager, Mary Tsaltas-Ottomanelli to discuss colonial New York City Jewish life.  In their discussion they examine community spaces such as the Sephardic Mill Street Synagogue- now known as Shearith Israel and the oldest synagogue in America; prominent families such as the Gomez and the Franks- who have a connection to the Fraunces Tavern location; and the legacy of Haym Soloman’s financing of the Revolutionary War.

Topics covered in this program: Mill Street Synagogue, Rabbis of Shearith Israel, Abigail Franks, The Gomez Family, Haym Solomon, Max Kohler.

AJHS collections and books covered in this program: Mill Street SynagogueCongregation of Shearith IsraelFranks FamilyGomez FamilyHaym Solomon.