Academic Council

The Academic Council of the American Jewish Historical Society is an organization of scholars committed to the study of American Jewish history that seeks to support and maintain the highest standards of scholarship in the field.

Scholars of American Jewish history become members of the Academic Council by joining the AJHS and participating in its activities. Members of the Academic Council oversee the journal, American Jewish History, and serve on the committees that award the Society’s grants and awards to undergraduate, graduate students, and scholars. In addition, the Academic Council holds a biennial Scholars’ conference, and initiate programs, symposia and exhibitions concerned with American Jewish history. The Executive Committee serves as the governing body of the Academic Council. For more information about how to join the Academic Council of the AJHS, please contact

AJHS Academic Council Members

Chair: Marc Dollinger, San Francisco State University
Vice Chair: Karla Goldman, University of Michigan

Eric Goldstein, Emory University
Jaclyn Granick, Cardiff University
Bruce Haynes, University of California, Davis
Markus Krah, Leo Baeck Institute
Michal Kravel-Tovi, Tel Aviv University
James Loeffler, Johns Hopkins University

Devi Mays, University of Michigan Institute of Southern Jewish Life
Lana Povitz, Middlebury College
Hannah Pressman,  University of Washington
Bryan Roby, University of Michigan
Daniel Soyer, Fordham University
Ashley Walters, College of Charleston

Past Chairs
Lila Corwin Berman, ex-officio, Temple University
Riv-Ellen Prell, University of Minnesota
Beth Wenger, University of Pennsylvania
Pamela Nadell, American University
Deborah Dash Moore, University of Michigan
Jonathan Sarna, Brandeis University
Hasia Diner, New York University
Jeffrey Gurock, Yeshiva University

Become a Member Of The Academic Council

With your two year membership you will receive a two year’s subscription to the journal American Jewish History

Graduate Students
$50/two years
Members making less than $50,000
$70/two years
Members making $50,000-$75,000
$110/two years
Members making $75,000 – $110,000
$150/two years
Members making more than $110,000
$200/two years