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Since our founding in 1892, it has been our mission to collect, preserve, and provide access to our vast and unique collections, spanning from the 16th century to the present.

The American Jewish Historical Society has long been a resource for scholars, authors and social scientists, and now we are working hard to become a resource to all though digitization and expanded in-person and online programming, teacher training, K-12 curricula, podcasts and similar media, and proactive sharing of the treasures we preserve and protect.

It is an exciting and important time to support our aim to promote American Jewish History and to recognize the rich, complex contributions Jews have made to American life.

American Jewish history is American history. From business, finance and commerce to politics, education, science, art, sports, human rights, and the everyday activities of family life—AJHS, with your help, ensures that the record is preserved, the history is told, and the heritage remembered. Our history is your history, and we look forward to sharing with you.

Young Leon Klinghoffer in his Lower East Side Hardware Store, February 29, 1944
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