Program Recap: At Lunch with Ruth Messinger

December 29, 2022
by Rebeca Miller

On September 22nd 2022 Julie Salamon sat down with political leader and social justice advocate Ruth Messinger.  Ruth is the Global Ambassador for American Jewish World Service, and international human rights organization she ran from 1998-2016.  Additionally, she does social justice and organizing work at the Jewish Theological Seminary and at the Meyerson JCC.  She had a 20-year career in New York City politics first on the New York City Council and then as Manhattan Borough president.  In this program Ruth discusses her passion for democracy and political engagement, her experience running against Rudolph Giuliani in the 1997 NYC mayoral race, her experience with anti Semitism, working as a social worker in Oklahoma, being introduced to social justice work at an early age, and her NY Times Gefilte Fish recipe.

Topics covered in this program: NYC politics, American Jewish World Service, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Social justice and advocacy. 

AJHS collections and books covered in this program: Rabbi Abraham Joshua Hesche.