Mothers & Daughters: The Loeb Family

May 14, 2023
by Tanya Elder
Deborah Loeb’s inscription to her mother, Frances, undated. Loeb Family Papers, P-892, Museum Collection 
“Love Is a Special Way of Feeling” by Joan Walsh Anglund

This small book entitled “Love Is a Special Way of Feeling” by Joan Walsh Anglund, was given to Frances Lehman Loeb on Mother’s Day 1960 or 1961. Debby is Deborah Loeb Brice, youngest of Frances’ five children who wrote, “Dear Moms. This has been a divine morning, and I’m sure the whole day will be the same. Love is a special way of feeling and it is felt by everyone around you. Love, Debby.” The Loeb family (parents John and Frances, and children Judith, John, twins Anne and Arthur, and Deborah) were a close-knit family who spent a lot of quality time together. Deborah was fourteen years younger than Anne and Arthur and would have been about fourteen years old when she inscribed this sweet note to her “moms.” 

Judith, Deborah and Anne Loeb in “IKE” Dresses and Parasols. Loeb Family Papers, P-892, Box 110, Folder 9A 

Frances Lehman Loeb was a pro-choice Republican and heavily involved in politics. In the 1950s, she led New York City committees to elect candidate Dwight D. Eisenhower for president. An undated speech in the Loeb Family Papers outlines how she helped formed ladies’ committees to campaign for Eisenhower, including creating dresses with “IKE” on them for canvassers. These photographs show her three daughters, Judith, Anne, and Deborah in matching dresses and parasols. 

We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.