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Program Recap: GI Jews

November 9, 2022
by Rebeca Miller

Live from the Archives with Annie Polland, Deborah Dash Moore, and Melanie Meyers

With Veteran’s Day coming up on Friday, November 11, we’d like to look back on our August 12, 2020 program, “Live from the Archives: GI Jews.” This program features historians Annie Polland and Deborah Dash Moore, with AJHS Chair of Collections and Engagement, Melanie Meyers. 

Over 500,000 American Jews fought in WWII, an experience which proved transformational for both the Jewish soldiers, and their communities back home. Deborah Dash Moore, author of GI Jews: How World War II Changed a Generation, provides commentary on the experience of serving, and the experience of returning home from the war. To supplement this discussion, we explore artifacts from the AJHS Collections, including dog tags, prayer books, and chaplains’ “to-go” field kits.