Photograph Collections

In addition to the hundreds of linear feet of institutional documents, reports, and correspondence contained in the HIAS Archives Collection (I-363), we are also pleased to share select digitized images from the plethora of HIAS photographs now available online. These photographs include the digitized HIAS Photograph Archive as well as selected documents from the collection that our Archivists have uncovered throughout their processing.
Photograph Collection
The HIAS Photograph Collection documents the history of HIAS’s work, primarily from the 1940s to the 1990s. Also included in this collection are images documenting HIAS’s collaborations with various affiliate organizations, including its predecessors: HIAS-ICE Emigration Association (HICEM), National Refugee Service (NRS), and United Service for New Americans (USNA), among others.  Many of these photographs were used in HIAS publications, such as annual reports, project pamphlets, and general newsletters to promote the work of the organization.
Originally, these photographs were kept by HIAS for their Media Relations and Communications Department. After years of being in filing cabinet drawers arranged by subject, HIAS contracted archival professionals to conserve and protect these photographs—an endeavor that included minimal conservation, physical rehousing, and digitization. 
HIAS celebrates its 80th Anniversary in 1964

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