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American Jewish Historical Society Executive Compensation Policy

This policy has been drafted to comply with the revised Form 990, Part VI, Section B, question 15.

  1. Purpose:
    1. To assure that possible future decisions regarding executive compensation are made through a process free of potential conflicts of interest.
  2. Persons whose compensation is subject to this policy:
    1. The Chief Executive Officer, other Officers or Key Employees' compensation shall be reviewed under this policy.
  3. Board of Trustees
    1. Only those members of the Board of Trustees who are free of conflicts of interest may be involved in the evaluation of executive compensation.
    2. The Board of Trustees should, to the extent reasonably available, rely upon appropriate data as to comparability prior to making its decision, and shall contemporaneously place such data and other reasons for its decision in the minutes.
      1. If the Board of Trustees does not have data as to comparability, it shall document any other bases for believing the proposed compensation is reasonable.
    3. The Board of Trustees shall make the determination at least once annually.