A Copper Goddess

Skye Papa
Middle school

A copper goddess towers over the poor and pitied

Her torch held up high

She stands sturdy, bursting with pride and majesty

Glowing with anticipation for the bright future to come


But her people ignore her, and refuse her protection

And allow her glistening beige skin to be tarnished by hate

They allow her hope to fade into a melancholy silence

And her skin to melt into muddy green, losing its shine


A copper goddess towers over the poor and pitied, forgotten and alone

Her splendor not gone, but her voice silenced

Her hope still apparent, but her beauty disregarded and left aside

Fearful of the future, a tapestry of tears, a soliloquy of sorrow


In pain she kneels downward

And whimpers across the sea to whoever shall hear

“Give me your poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free”

And they listen, and ride her wave of hope across oceans


As a flood of love crashes against her feet

She is given new life

Her skin still green, but the hate now faded away

And acknowledged she stands once more


A copper goddess towers over the poor and pitied, her hope restored

Though omitted by those who gave into hatred

She stands proud and tall and free and known and elated

Torch burning into the stars of and endless, silent night