2021 Poetry Contest Winners

The Emma Lazarus Poetry Contest offers young and emerging poets the opportunity to reimagine The New Colossus. View all of our winner and finalist submissions below.

Middle school
by Angelique Sarofim
High school
by Alexa Marsh
by A. Thu Ngo

Winners and Finalists

Liberty Enlightening
by A. Thu Ngo
"These days the battered come through other ways no longer at Ellis but at Rio Grande or Otay."
Adult 2021 Winner
by Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow
"Beneath the sun-spoked diadem Encircling your celebrated head these two centuries plus, You remain marvelously fair."
Adult 2021 Finalist
Star Colossus
by Ayelet Amittay
"Instead each joint and joist of me will rise in a constellation. I will burn among the stars, visible from any ocean."
Adult 2021 Finalist
Lady Liberty
by Alexa Marsh
"With stains of a shaken past, but Still her tarnished blue shimmered."
High school 2021 Winner
Her Eternal Legacy Brought Forth
by Lilly Wu
"Her left-hand holds a declaration that guides for the masses’ reprieve in new paths from the old."
High school 2021 Finalist
Come and Belong
by Angelique Sarofim
"What do you harbor in those thoughts that remain hidden from the world? Give us a glimpse into your America."
Middle school 2021 Winner
305 Feet for Freedom
by Benjamin Regan
"Each foot, each inch of the Statue of Liberty is our tarnished symbol of hope. For intertwined in the green copper of growth is the message of unity she wrote."
Middle school 2021 Finalist
As Lady Liberty Looks Around
by Everett Arellano
"She realizes she has reached out her hand, To help provide a light against the darkness, At the end of the tunnel she sees hope and opportunity,"
Middle school 2021 Finalist
Whither Goest Thou?
by Sophia Haber
"What does she hide in those serpentine  Robes?—the severed head of Holofernes,  Samson’s flowing locks? No matter, every  Woman has her secrets. "
Adult 2020 Winner
by Mary Hutchins Harris
"if i am all they have to carry them to the land of bread, bread in  tomorrow, will you welcome me too"
Adult 2020 Finalist