Emma Lazarus Project: Poetry Contest

"If You Could Write a Poem For The Statue of Liberty Today What Would You Say?"

Just as Emma responded to the issues of her time by writing a poem that addressed American identity, we invite you to write your own poem that speaks to your vision of America. The deadline to submit your original poem has been extended to November 1st, 2021. Click here to learn more about our poetry contest.

Poetry Contest Gallery

In the first year of the contest, AJHS received over 350 submissions from poets across the country. Read and find inspiration from the poems written by the 2020 winners and finalists in this online interactive gallery. 

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 2021 Poetry Contest

Emma Lazarus’ story shows how even in complicated times, people can engage civically, and that art can help express and define the ideals and identity of a nation nation. Whether in a class setting or on your own, we invite you to connect past and present, and imagine yourself as a modern day Emma Lazarus.

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