The Chaplains and Zionism

Hebrew School, Schlachtensee DP Camp, c. 1946. Chaplain Mayer Abramowitz meets with teachers at the camp school he established. The sign reads "Speak Hebrew"

At the start of the war, not all the chaplains were
strong Zionists. By its end, almost to a man they
believed that only a Jewish homeland in Palestine
could guarantee the Jewish people's survival. The DPs
own commitment to Zionism moved the chaplains
to become active advocates for the creation of
a Jewish state in British-controlled Palestine.

The doors of Palestine must be opened W-I-D-E, not stand
just slightly ajar. The plight of these people is deplorable. I
recognize that many difficulties stand in the way but … not
much [is being found] in the way of final solutions - and
these people are still suffering physically and mentally.

Chaplain David Max Eichhorn


David Ben-Gurion visits Babenhausen DP Camp in 1946; he is escorted by Chaplain Herbert Friedman.
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