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Ask an Archivist

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Visitor Information

Visitor Information

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Our Dedicated Staff

AJHS Staff Contacts

Rachel Lithgow, Executive Director

Bernard Wax, Director Emeritus

Susan Malbin, Director of Library and Archives

Jacqueline Leitzes, Director of Development

Shirly Bahar, Director of Programming

Evan Moyes, Development and Communications Manager

Tanya Elder, Senior Archivist

Alexandra Lederman, Digital Archivist and Rare Book Librarian

Boni Joi Koelliker, Photo and Reference Archivist

Susan Woodland, Senior Archivist, HIAS Archives Project

Elizabeth R. Hyman, Assistant Processing Archivist, HIAS Archives Project

Janet Yerokhina, Database Manager, HIAS Archives Project

Judith Garner, Managing Archivist (AJHS-New England Collection)

Stephanie Call, Archivist and Manager of Digital Collections (AJHS-New England Collection)







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